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Story Structure Stages

Every storytelling needs to capture events and a plot. The order and the representation of these events is what is called a plot. It is through arranging the events that the story gains meaning and the readers has a way if acknowledging each and every step. Basically, the author of the story will always have their protagonist going through these events through their character motivations. In the whole story, the main character has their goals that they need to achieve. Nonetheless, the protagonist is fond of diverting from their main goal or objective and embraces other character motivation liker avoidance or even the general desire. The protagonist is not immune to distractions and they will keep deviating from the main goal but the story will always have consistency and there will be a climax where the protagonist achieves their main objective or goal. The story is structured in three fundamental phases. Below are some fundamental things to note about the story structure.

First and foremost, you will always come through the first act. This act portrays the protagonist living a normal and quite life until it reaches a time where they get interfered. This act is also known as the inciting incident. The first act is always the backbone of the story. It is in the first act that characters are formed and the storyline created and all other events will follow until the protagonists gets to the climax. It is during the first act that the main character gets their goal that he or she will be aiming to achieve for the rest of the acts and events. In most cases, the interference is always caused by the antagonist. Within the first act, there will be a culmination with the protagonist making the first turning point.

The second act follows and it comprises of all the intensifying events. It is during these escalating events that the protagonist commits a lot of failures and successes. The journey gets rough and for the protagonist to stay alive and eyed to the goal, they must be tougher. This is an act where the main character gets to a point of no return. IN the culmination of the act, the antagonist will always challenge the protagonist. The antagonist will somehow defeat the protagonist in this fight.

The final act of the book or story entails the final battle. This is a place and phase for the protagonist to discover the hard truth about the whole process. He will learn about all his failure and mistakes and what have been conspiring all through. As a result, the protagonist gets to defeat the antagonist which marks an achievement on his goal.

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