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Sure Tips to Save Foods Fresh for Longer

By all standards, none can be any healthier than what you get in the lush and fresh farm produce. In this very cue, you must as well be aware that nothing actually gets to be as disappointing as the fact of having your fresh farm produce getting spoilt before you get to eat them. The following are some tips to help with the need to keep your farm produce fresh for longer, reduce waste and eventually save money as well.

Check on what you buy and as such buy only what you need. The moment you realize that you are running out of your veggies and fruits stocks, head straight to the grocers and get to make purchases for your restocking needs. With these at home, take stock on those foods that are known for being so highly perishable such as bananas, artichokes, cherries, green beans and the like and make effort to ensure that these are eaten first.

Secondly, we will take a look at the need to be rather strategic with your shopping for groceries. In this regard, it will be advisable for you to think of setting last visit to the produce department while at the grocer’s shop. This is looking at the fact that in most cases, you will have a number of the produce from the farm going bad by the time you are done with your rounds at the store and as such if you will have to buy these farm produce, then you up your chances of getting only the freshest of the farm produce. These are for foods such as broccoli and berries.

It may have passed your notice but know of this as a tip for keeping your foods fresh for longer to never store fruits and vegetables in one place. This is for the reason that a number of the fruits are known to emit so high levels of ethylene gas and vegetables are quite highly sensitive to this gas. Storing these together in defiance of this rule and fact, you are going to see your vegetables going bad a lot faster. This as such informs the need to ensure that those gas emitting fruits like apricots, cantaloupe and honeydew are ever kept separately refrigerated from your vegetables.

Plus, you as well need to appreciate the fact that not all foods will call for refrigeration for them to be kept fresh for longer. These are foods such as onions, potatoes, garlic and squash which only require that you keep them in a dark and cool place such as your basement or just on the floor for them to last as long as weeks fresh.

For the storage of your veggies to save them fresh for longer, keep them at the bottom of the fridge where the temperatures are actually coldest.

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