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What’s Silver in the American Currency Coins

A 31 gram silver coin is hailed as the official silver bullion coin of USA. This silver dollar coin is certified on November 24, 1986 by the United States Mint according to weight, content, and purity. It’s worth one US silver dollar! It contains 99.9% pure silver but it is only one ounce in size.

Adolph A. Weinman designed the obverse side based on his “Waking Liberty” half dollar design last 1916. It was revived on the American silver eagle dollar since it has been the crowd’s favourite becoming an iconic design. Instantly, the liberty silver coin became one of the most revered iconic designs in the history of American coinage. In the obverse side, it is inscribed with the year of issuance, the phrase “In God We Trust”, and the word “Liberty”. An eagle with a shield is seen at the reverse side and this signifies strength and endurance. This side was designed by John Mercanti. The eagle also relates to the great seal of the United States. There were thirteen five-pointed stars on the reverse side and this signifies the thirteen colonies of America at that time. The reverse is also inscribed with the phrases “United states of America”, 1 oz FINE SILVER DOLLAR telling its size, and E PLURIBUS UNUM, and also the mintmark if it is necessary.

The United States Mint has produced a proof version and an uncirculated version along with the bullion version. The first two versions mentioned are solely intended for coin collectors who are huge fans of the US silver dollar. The American silver eagle was produced at three mints namely the Philadelphia Mint, the West Point Mint, and the San Francisco Mint. Bullion liberty silver dollar coins have no mintmarks. Proof silver coins bear different mintmarks. The mintmarks are S, P, and W. The uncirculated version released on 2006 onwards bear the “W” mintmark but if the uncirculated coins were released earlier they bear an “s” mintmark.

The American Silver Eagle dollar is USA’s sole official silver bullion coins that are legally recognized as investment-grade silver. This coin retains its value all over the world which makes it a good and attainable investment. Several people also consider these coins to be good short-term and long-term investment strategies. Its value is not subject to fluctuate in the stock market world. Truly, these coins are essential additions to your collection,or can be one’s saving grace during hard times or during inflation cases. Whatever the case may be, this US silver dollar is still relevant in today’s society and remains to be an iconic symbol of US’ rich history.

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